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This is a searchable song lyrics database. You can search for specific words or phrases in a song, or browse through thousands of songs to find the one you like best. This project is a work in progress, so don't be surprised if some of the lyrics don't make sense or aren't correct. Feel free to fix them or send song lyrics!

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Song lyrics database is a tool that allows users to browse and search a catalogue of over +90K song lyrics. The site is maintained by volunteers, and new lyrics are added regularly. Users are also able to contribute lyrics and corrections to the database.For a long time, the only way to find the lyrics for a song was to listen to the music and look things up in a book. But as technology advanced, we were able to build systems that could look up words or phrases on their own. This was a great improvement for those of us who loved to sing along or were learning a new song, but it also created a problem. Even though we had computers that could look up lyrics, we didn't have a good way to store them.
In the world of music, one song can mean so much. It can bring you to a place, remind you of a time, and even make you cry. But without knowing the words, these songs can be almost impossible to enjoy. I remember trying to listen to music as a kid, but my mom didn't know the words, so she'd sing the chorus, but then she'd forget the rest.

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Sometimes, the most memorable lyrics in a song are the simplest ones. This can be the case even when the music is complex or when the singer is trying their hardest to impress with their ability to craft words into syllables and phrases. The best lyrics are the ones that listeners can understand and relate to, even if they don't know much about the context or the background of the song. That's what song lyrics databases are for.
The internet is flooded with song lyrics, but finding the best ones can be hard. That's why I've created SongLyrics.com, the best lyrics site on the web. It uses the same algorithm I use to determine the best lyrics on the internet, so you know you're getting the best lyrics possible. It's like having a source for song lyrics you can trust.

About this song lyrics database.

A song lyrics database is a database that stores song lyrics. It is designed to allow people to search for and extract specific lines or verses of a song. It can also be used for creating mashups. Song lyrics databases can be used for a variety of purposes, such as generating setlists for musicians, generating song recommendations/playlists, or for creating blogs or essays about a song or music in general.
The lyrics database contains lyrics for thousands of songs, including songs by popular artists. You can browse the lyrics for a particular song or search for a specific lyric. You can also generate a list of the most popularly-used lyrics on the site. You can also generate a list of the top ten most commonly-used words on the site.
Song lyrics database is an online collection of song lyrics, which can be accessed by anyone. The database provides a platform where people can share and discover song lyrics. The website allows users to upload their own lyrics and share them with the public. The website provides a search facility where users can either browse the lyrics by category or by lyrics type.